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Launched in 2016, we are the most cutting-edge collection of commentary for people that want to do more and enact change that is both sustainable and rooted in scientific fundamentals.

Innovation Radar’s mission is to enhance public understanding of scientifically-based research developments and private sector opportunities related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Anyone with an interest in leveraging science for the advancement of society can count on The Innovation Radar to keep them connected to the most exciting advances in the marketplace.

The Innovation Radar is the authoritative resource for executives, scientists, professionals, investors and business owners to identify opportunity related to critical issues facing society. Readers may network among their peers to mobilize systemic change based in pragmatic scientific research.

The Innovation Radar features commentaries from thought leaders who share their expertise with a broader audience for the purpose of educating, improving, and adding value to the industry as a whole.

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We pride ourselves on presenting highly interdisciplinary topics in a style that is approachable to a broad audience.

The Innovation Radar is an online publication for commentary on cutting edge developments and market opportunities.

Thought leaders from various disciplines share their expertise with a broader audience for the purpose of educating, improving, and adding value to the society as a whole.

We deep dive into the mega issues facing our world and the unique role that scientists and researchers can play to meet the ever-changing needs of society.

We focus specifically on opportunities for science-based innovation given today’s completive and global economic climate for manufacturers and product developers.

We discuss topics relevant to this area, such as:

  • Sustainability as it relates to manufacturing and new product development.
  • Thoughts on the role engineers will play in manufacturing of the future.
  • How mega-trends of climate change, urbanization and water scarcity each directly affect the ability of manufacturers to conduct business as usual
  • How environmental and societal challenges must be addressed in tandem with other initiatives in order to meet the need of tomorrow’s consumer .
  • The need for an interdisciplinary approach to address the systemic issues in our world.

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Innovation Radar is an editorially independent publication by Nine 16 Capital. Innovation Radar articles do not necessarily represent the views of Nine Sixteen Capital, LLC.