Our big idea:

The successful commercialization of science-based innovation is a key driver of economic growth.

We are doers! Those that make change happen in the world. The most effective thought leaders are those who are out in front, doing, willing to show and lead others to the way. We believe in leveraging finance and investing to enable widespread adoption of pragmatic technology.

It’s not solely about being known as the subject matter expert or the people who complete the academic research on what could be done to bring about change. This is not to say you won’t think, study, research and reflect along the way. It also doesn’t preclude academics from being change agents or thought leaders. In our opinion, the most effective thought leaders are those who are out in front, willing to show others the way.

We are less concerned with being right, and more concerned with the well-being of humanity.

As members of the inteligencia, we believe it is our responsibility to make the world a better place. We have an obligation to help others by sharing the value of our knowledge and experience. We assume the power to make things better; it’s not just investing, it’s a movement.

Our goals are simple (but not easy!):

  • Enact systemic change
  • Raise awareness of the most pressing issues facing society
  • Be on the cutting edge of technology to address the needs of society
  • Leverage finance and investing to enable to widespread adoption of pragmatic technology

Some curious thoughts that drive us:

  • Why are solar powered street lights not widespread throughout developing countries?
  • How can product manufacturers think about the end user – application, safety concerns, ease of use to improve their offerings?

To Learn more about how we put our ideas into action, visit:

Nine 16 Capital, LLC